The project is funded via the Erasmus+ scheme of the European Union.  The partners for the three-year project are:

The project

The rationale for the project is the increase in cultural and linguistic diversity of students in our schools as a result of migration.    In line with the current influx of migrants and refugees to Europe and the international Sustainable Development Goal of inclusive and equitable education for all, this project aims to prioritise the inclusive education of students with a migration background and the school leadership that facilitates that inclusive education. 

Research indicates that students with a migration background often achieve academically well below their indigenous peers.  The need for professional development for teachers to address the learning needs of all students is urgent and the role of school leadership in setting the vision and creating the opportunities for that is significant.   The project therefore focuses on the support and strategies needed in all levels of school leadership in order to facilitate the needs of a culturally diverse student population.  The project aims to:

Identify and disseminate innovative practice in culturally responsive school leadership

Develop frameworks for the evaluation of culturally responsive leadership

Provide high-quality training resources in the form of leader training

Develop a MOOC for school leaders and interested parties outside of the project

Activities of the project include

A comparative analysis of policies and supports for culturally responsive leadership in the four partner countries

A survey of schools in the four countries to investigate supports and practice in culturally responsive school leadership

A series of case studies of schools in the four countries

A conceptual map of the research project

Development of a training programme and a learning environment for culturally responsive school leadership

Development of an evaluation framework for the outcomes of the project

Publications and Multiplier events to highlight, disseminate, present, develop awareness and evaluate the outcomes of the project

Development of a MOOC for School Leaders

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