Evaluation framework

CReLeS Evaluation Framework

An evaluation framework that focuses on Culturally Responsive Leadership has been developed that can be included in existing school evaluation frameworks or used separately to assess the extent to which cultural responsivity is embedded in schools. In both instances, this Framework is expected to drive change by introducing cultural responsivity as an essential aspect in national education and quality assurance systems across the partner countries and further afield. School leaders, regardless of the tier of school leadership they belong to, can also use the Framework as a tool for self-reflection as well as a self-evaluation instrument to review their understanding and scope of implementation of culturally responsive leadership. 

The Framework aims to: 

 Layout a set of methodological and theoretical foundations for leading intercultural coexistence and improving inclusion/academic achievements of refugee and/or migrant students at the school 

 State a set of indicators for evaluating the actual state of a school concerning Culturally Responsive Leadership practices 

 Establish a set of diagnostic indicators for school leaders to prevent inclusion problems and poor academic performance of young immigrants 

 Define a set of competencies for school leaders to deal with these issues and, if appropriate, to better identify potential problems and compatibility profiles 

 Establish a set of patterns for designing specific action plans and activities to lead teaching and learning with and for refugees and/or migration background students 

 Identify a set of assessing indicators for measuring the effectiveness of leadership activities and strategies that are carried out. 

CReLES Evaluation framework – Ireland
CReLES Evaluation framework – Austria
CReLES Evaluation framework – Spain