12 Teacher training

IO12 CReLEs Training Programme Design

This output is aimed to design a training programme for school leaders, who deal with intercultural and social inclusion issues with the objectives to: – improve intercultural training skills in teaching professions with a specific focus on those who have a leadership role in schools – promote the development of activities and project-based learning situations for enhancing intercultural dialogue both at school and other contexts – acquisition of a methodology for intercultural management: use of ICT resources and strategies, collection, evaluation and sharing of experiences – creation of a network of school leaders to ensure the vitality of the intercultural mentoring tools and practices (IO12).

A multilingual MOOC will be developed specifically geared towards those members who have not received CRELES training and/or are not involved in the day to day operations of school life (Parents and Management bodies) and how they can become involved in CRELES strategies in schools and in their respective organisations (IO13).