Johannes Kepler University Linz

 Johannes Kepler University Linz (JKU) currently offers over 60 academic degree programmes. It is also a leader in Austria in the field of distance teaching and e-learning. Since its inception in 1966, JKU has become a research-intensive university in the fields of science, social and economic studies, law, and medicine. The JKU Linz has been continuously ranked among the world’s best young universities (under 50 years).

Linz School of Education (LSEd) was founded in 2016 to coordinate teaching and research activities in the field of teacher education. The LSEd’s Department of Educational Research is considered to be among the most prolific research centres in Austrian educational research and is fully equipped with all facilities necessary for qualitative and quantitative educational research. It is the leading place for ‘governance studies in education’ in German-speaking countries (e.g. editor of the German-language Handbook on Governance in Education, Comparative European project on school inspections), but has also relevant research with respect to migration and education, classroom development, and teacher education. Its research-friendly environment and its qualifications in research-based teaching have contributed to the fact that the EERA research summer schools for 2016 and 2017 were awarded to JKU.

The Austrian team:

Professor Herbert Altrichter (qualitative studies)
Professor Barbara Herzog-Punzenberger (migration and education; currently University of Innsbruck)
Sieglinde Fulterer
Sieglinde Fulterer (research coordination)
Alexandra Postlbauer (quantitatives studies)